Photo Resizing Methods

Individuals who love sharing their photographs online ought to learn the techniques of properly resizing images. Despite the fact that most modern cameras can take photographs of high resolution, making images smaller makes them have a better appearance and photo resizing is also important as most websites do not accept large images. However, it should be noted that photo resizing makes images appear better only if done in the correct way.

Photo resizing methods
There are several ways by which photographs can be resized, the following are notable techniques through which an individual can resize image:

Using free web applications
Step 1: This involves opening a preferred web application. Currently, there are quite a good number of web applications that offer free image resizing. Example: – used to resize photos and turn them into smaller images. The photo should be uploaded to the site and the resize options selected. Some sites offer basic features while others have extra features. Some popular photo resizing sites are picresize, Resize Your Image, Shrink Pictures, Web Resizer and Resize Pic.
Step 2: The second step is uploading your image to the free web application. Image editing options will appear on completion of photo upload.
Step 3: There are multiple image resizing options depending on the web application that you were using. Most services will allow the user to set the exact image size in pixels that they intend to resize to.
Step 4: Set your preferred image compression which directly affects photo quality. The higher the compression, the more diminished the quality becomes.
Step 5: Other effects such as color, rotation, filters and much more may added in this step.
Step 6: This involves downloading a fresh copy of the photo to a computer and afterwards transferring to wherever desired.

resize paint

Microsoft paint
Step 1: The file should be opened in Microsoft Paint.
Step 2: The resize button should be clicked, it is usually located on the Home tab.
Step 3: This step involves selection of the resize method, it may either be by pixel or percentage.
Step 4: Click OK so as change the photograph to the pre-determined size.
Step 5: The resized image should be saved. It is advisable to rename it while saving so as to avoid overwriting the original.
Step 6: A file type should be selected upon saving. It should be noted that the file type selected will affect image quality. The most common file types for attaching to emails and uploading to the web are JPG and PNG.

picasa resize

Using Google Picasa
Step 1: Add the image in Picasa library if it is not already there, simply click on the file and select Add file to Picasa. Select the file after it has been added to the Picasa library.
Step 2: This involves clicking on the file and choosing the option of Export Picture to Folder. A window will appear where one can select the preferred storage location for the image.
Step 3: Select resize options that are located at the Image Size section. You can either make use of the preset image sizes or alternatively you could specify an exact pixel size.
Step 4: Choose the image quality that you desire via clicking the drop down menu labelled Image quality. Automatic option will preserve original photo quality, the maximum option will lead to higher file sizes but will retain most of the detail and the minimum setting will lead to image sizes that are smaller but of low quality.
Step 5: Click on Export when you are comfortable with the look of the image that has just been adjusted.

photoshop resize

Using Adobe Photoshop
Step 1: The photograph should be opened in Photoshop. Click on the File tab and then choose Open. The image file should be browsed for on any inserted disk or your computer.
Step 2: This step involves open the Image Size tool which is located on the Image menu.
Step 3: Select a resize technique, this can be in percentage, pixels or even inches. Enter the desired values in a single field and the rest will be automatically updated to retain proportions.
Step 4: Select one of the resample options. The menu for Resample Image will facilitate any adjustments that will affect the final resize quality. Select the most suitable.
Step 5: Finish up by clicking OK to have the image resized. If the results are satisfactory, click on File and choose Save As.

Other methods that can be used to resize image are Using GIMP and Resizing Photos for Instagram.

The above insightful information about photo resizing methods should be of help for those who treasure photography. Try using them today.